Our specialty is producing highest quality hand-crafted horse fly veils, also known as horse bonnets or show bonnets.

"Thank you! I look forward to unboxing! I will post a pic of my Buddy wearing it!"

- Steph M.J
"I was surprised to find that it fit the contours of my horse's head so well! Thank you :)"

- Ira B.
"I can't believe how durable they are. Zephyr has chewed on his more than once and it still looks amazing."

- Reba B.

There are no other fly veils quite like ours

The desig for our veils was developed over a period of 15 years and we are still looking for ways to make them even better. We constantly worked on veils for our own horses, and took feedback from others to create something that everyone can be proud of.

Thank you for visting our store and we hope you will find something you like. You can always send us a message if you are looking for something custom.